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Lantern Clocks and Their Makers by Brian Loomes

Lantern Clocks and Their Makers,

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Lantern Clocks jacket Lantern Clocks And Their Makers is a detailed survey in twenty eight chapters of the development of the lantern clock in Britain from its origins in the late sixteenth century, until its demise in the late eighteenth century and includes some unique and previously unrecorded examples from the very earliest period. Also discussed is the type of lantern clock which was used for posted movement longcase clocks as well as for hook-and-spike hanging wall clocks. Square and arched dial examples are examined as well as clocks made for export to the Middle East, usually known as Turkish Market clocks. One chapter deals particularly with those rare and unusual examples which were housed in standing wooden cases. Another chapter deals specifically with brassfounders' casting marks, and includes several newly discovered ones, which are documented here for the first time.

This extensive book of over 200,000 words features approximately 400 clocks illustrated by over 1,150 photographs (with a good number in colour). Most of them were taken specifically for this work and appear in print here for the first time, the majority with detailed dimensions. Both constructional and stylistic features are explained in a non-technical manner in the author's usual easy style in such a way that they can be readily identified and dated to their appropriate period. No prior knowledge is assumed, which makes the book as accessible to the beginner as to the experienced reader.

The biographical section contains all available details of every clockmaker (over one thousand of them) known to have included lantern clocks among his work. Much of this biographical information has been researched from original records specifically for this book, is published here for the first time, and is available nowhere else. This information on the makers will also be of great value to those interested in other types of work from this earliest period of British clockmaking, as many of them also made bracket clocks and longcase clocks as well as watches. The unique combination of these factors makes this book an essential reference work for collectors, dealers, museums, and libraries.

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Review - Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (USA)

Brian Loomes needs no introduction to readers who are familiar with the clock literature of the late 20th century. My own library contains 19 volumes by this prolific British writer and horological scholar, and many of them are considered the 'standard text' on their subject. His new book on lantern clocks undoubtedly will also be the most authoritative text on this type of timekeeper for many years to come.

While not the most massive book by Loomes (that distinction will stay with his 2006 expanded re-edition of the directory "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World" with its nearly 900 pages) the lantern clock book comes close. The book has 528 large format pages, each one crammed full of data on British lantern clocks. But it is not primarily the quantity that matters but the quality of the information presented.

Loomes is a systematic and thorough scholar; all aspects of the subject are covered in depth. .... The value of the pictures cannot be overstated. These are clocks the reader is unlikely to ever encounter physically, some are in museums (where they are hard to see in their display cases), but most are hidden in private collections. Virtually all are illustrated in this book, and rarely only with one photograph. More typical, there are two or three pictures of each clock (dial and movement), and in most cases where there is an unusual feature there are three, four or five images including close-ups of such details as signatures, casting marks, escapements, or unusual frets, hammers, bells or finials. The amount of visual information in this book is overwhelming. While many photographers have contributed material a large number of images are by the author, and one can tell that the person behind the camera is a horologist, as they all highlight the horologically important features. This reviewer's enthusiasm for the pictures is not meant to denigrate the words; Loomes' text is comprehensive, yet easy to read.

This book is a long overdue addition to any well appointed horological reference library.... Thank you, Brian Loomes, for filling that gap on our horological bookshelves.

Some comments from readers

My friend has bought the new book "Lantern Clocks and their makers" for me. I think it is great.

I have bought your beautiful book 'Lantern clocks and their makers'.

I have many of your books and they are all a delight! Thank you for them, I really enjoy dipping into them.

From England: I have just purchased your book on Lantern clocks which I think is excellent and very well done.

From the USA: I have greatly enjoyed your book on lantern clocks. It is most informative.

From Germany: Over the years you have been doing quite a fantastic job with regards to lantern clocks.

I have a copy of your latest book on Lantern Clocks - great piece of work.

I've read a number of your books since I first came across a copy of White Dial Clocks in the early '80's. I find your style informative and easy to read, but I have to say I think this is your best yet! You present the historical developments, and regional differences, with clarity and provide much insight and interpretation based on your obvious extensive experience.

From Germany : Thanks for such an excellent book. It was worth to wait a long time for it.

From London: A stunning work, beautifully produced and presented. ... Excellent, well done.. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the photographs and their reproduction. In a work such as this, good quality is imperative and these are of excellent quality. ... I keep wandering through the pages of your book and thinking "oh, that's interesting - I must read that."

From Bedfordshire: It is a fabulous book and will give me many hours of enjoyment. It really is a magnificent achievement and deserves every success.

From London: Thank you for the book, by the way - it's wonderful - a really great source of information

From the Midlands: your lantern book is compulsive reading.

From Italy: congratulation for your beautiful and enormous work...very worthy for you

From Somerset: Congratulations on the new tome! Well done, a lovely publication and lots more information. I know it will become one of the more used and well-thumbed books I own.

From Switzerland: Congratulations on a superb work. I know how much time it takes just to do all the research and then to put all the pictures together.

From Edinburgh: 'is an instant classic'.

Horological Journal Review: 'This magnificent book is the 25th from the indefatigable Brian Loomes, and represents the culmination of a lifetime's study of lantern clocks, coupled with painstaking genealogical research on their makers. ... It is written in Brian's inimitable style, forthright and very readable ..... in his research he has developed a whole new vocabulary to describe many features of lantern clocks, especially the engraved dial patterns, as well as criteria for identifying and dating lanterns.... Readers will be full of admiration for Brian's industry and the masterly way he has marshalled a multitude of factual detail to produce this book, which will instantly become an authoritative work of reference.

From the USA : Thank you for taking the subject to the next level.

From England : A totally absorbing read. Congratulations.

From, Suffolk, England: .. what a magnificent effort it is - a real 'tour de force'. You are to be greatly congratulated on it.

Over 500 pages of information, what a research achievement. Very many congratulations on a superb reference book.


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