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Brian Loomes specialises in the valuation and identification of antique British clocks - see the valuation page for details and fees

Antique Lantern Clocks

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Brian and Joy Loomes are professional specialist clock dealers, who buy and sell antique lantern clocks of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We also sell longcase clocks, hooded clocks and hook-and-spike clocks. We have done so for fifty years now (since 1966) and in that time we have supplied collectors, dealers and museums as well as individual buyers on a worldwide basis.

Right now we have for sale thirty-two (32) antique LANTERN CLOCKS as at 24th October 2017.

Through our own original researches in ancient records into the life and work of former clockmakers we have compiled thirty reference books and hundreds of articles about antique British clocks and their makers. These books include the massive, (500+-page 1100+- photograph) title 'Lantern Clocks', published in 2008, the only book on this subject in print today.

Our researches into the background history and styles of British clocks have revolutionised understanding of the subject and of the makers themselves. Several of our books have become definitive texts and are used as standard reference books by museums, libraries, auction houses and collectors the world over. So much so that even many of the terms today in general use to describe certain types of clock features were first coined in these books.

Brian Loomes is probably the best-known name worldwide in antique clocks and Britain's longest-established clock dealer, a name known by everyone connected with antique clocks.

We have 11 pages of clocks for sale on the web site, and over 118 articles by Brian Loomes on clock collecting, clockmakers and clock care and identification, and a large archive of sold clocks. For more information, please click on any of these links highlighted above.

Lantern clocks were the earliest kind of household clock made in Britain. At first they were called 'house clocks' or 'chamber clocks' or simply 'clocks', as there was no other kind of domestic clock. The origin of the name Lantern Clock is sometimes said to be from the fact that the clock vaguely resembles a hand lantern, though in fact there is no evidence for this and the true origin of the name is unknown. We do know that the name 'Lantern Clock' is relatively modern and is probably not more than a hundred years old. The clocks themselves may be as much as four hundred years old though reproductions were made into the twentieth century.

Lantern clocks of the traditional type were first made in England from about 1600 and continued to be made in London until about 1700, after which they gradually fell from fashion there. However they continued to be made in provincial England especially in the South-east counties until as late as the 1760s.

Being the first type of household clock some lantern clocks are excitingly ancient yet some of their makers are scarcely known at all. For over forty years Brian Loomes has specialised in researching little-known clockmakers of the past, documenting their lives and publishing the findings. The results are set out in twenty-seven books and hundreds of articles he has written. Many books and articles that mention early clockmakers acknowledge that many of the facts about their lives come from our researches. Others don't, but may still have taken their information from these sources.

A lot of nonsense and inaccuracy appears on the internet about lantern clocks, some of it written by people who never did a day's research in their lives yet who write as if they did - which is galling to someone seriously interested in the subject. Research and study into early clockmakers is something we specialise in. If you buy a lantern clock from us we will tell you not only about its age but also the fullest details known about its maker, often including much new information which is the result of our own, personal researches.

Brian Loomes's latest book Lantern Clocks and their Makers was published in August 2008 and is in print today. Anyone contemplating the purchase of a lantern clock should find this book helpful. For more detail see the books page.

Clock and clock dial restoration, clock repair work, clock servicing and clock conservation, AND NOW WATCH MAKING, are also undertaken on behalf of clients. This is carried out by our son, Robert Loomes, whose workshops are located at, and can be contacted at, 4, St. Mary's Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 2DP, phone 01780-481319. Robert Loomes is a member of the British Horological Institute and the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. For more information, please click on any of these links highlighted above.

We do not exhibit at any antique fairs or trade shows, nor do we sell through any agents or outlets except our main showrooms, where we will arrange by prior appointment to be here in person to advise and assist potential clients. A selection of clocks, including some illustrated here, is on display at the showroom of Robert Loomes at 4, St. Mary's Hill, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2DP.


Winners of the 2001 BACA award for excellence under the category of specialist clock dealers. The British Antiques & Collectables Awards are presented annually in June by Eric Knowles on behalf of Miller's Guides in association with BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine. Judging is based on: 1. quality of service, 2. consistent quality of stock, 3. depth of knowledge.

In 2008 Brian Loomes was awarded the very rare distinction of HONORARY FELLOW OF THE BRITISH HOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (Hon. F. B. H. I.) for his contribution to the advancement of horological knowledge through his writings over the last forty years. Such an award has rarely been made before.


If you wish to identify or value a British antique clock (English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish), or find out what is known about its maker, its style, its quality, whether a clock you already own in the family or one you are thinking of buying, whether a longcase clock (sometimes known as a grandfather clock or a tall clock), or a bracket clock, or a wall clock, or a lantern clock,........ we will be pleased to help you, but we do charge a professional fee for this service of £50.00. Please do not enquire about valuations unless you are willing to pay the fee.

Have a look at our section on Finding out about your antique clock and drop us an enquiry.

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